Pit Bull West Coast BJJ & Grappling Cup IV - Submission Only Challenge

Date and schedule

Tournament will take place on 5 November 2015. Weight-ins will be at 8:00 AM, at 8:45 AM the rules will be explained and we should start the competition at 9:00 AM.


Gym ZK DunajplavbaHorárska 12/BBratislava.


  • GI can be any color.
  • Groin protector and earguard is not allowed.
  • Match duration: adults - 7 minutes, juniors - 5 minutes.
  • Allowed techniques:
    • GI - IBJJF rules.
    • NO-GI - IBJJF rules for brown belts (apart from juniors).
  • All the competitors under 18 years of age must have a revers signed by their parrents. A template document will be available on this page starting 15 Feruary.
  • At this tournament we have no weigth tolerancy and the competitor who wont be able to make their weigh will be disqualified with no registration fee return.
  • Age categories:
    • Juniors - 15 to 17 years old on the day of the competition.
    • Adults - 18 years and older on the day of the competition.

Ways of winning

  • Submission within the match time limit.
  • Disqualification of the opponent for banned technique.
  • If the fight doesn't end by submission or disqualification within the time limit, the winner will be chosen as the fighter:
    • Who had more submission attempts during the fight (the opponent must clearly defend the submission attempt to be considered into the count) or
    • if there are no submission attempts, then the referee will make the decision and choose the more active athlete as the winner.

BJJ (GI) and belts

In BJJ the adults with whiteblue and purple (only men) belts can start. All the belts compete in separate divisions.

For juniors all the belts compete in the same division.

Grappling level

Adults men grappling will be separated into 3 divisions according to the level of the grappler. One will be beginners (max. 2 years of training) and advanced (2 to 5 years of training) and experts (more than 5 years of training).

Women (adults) will have 2 level divisions - beginners (maximum 2 years of trainnig) and advanced (more than 2 years of training).

There are no level divisions in juniors.

Weight categories

Weigh in will be without the gi. Weight categories will be following:

Juniors - women: -60 kg, +60 kg

Juniors - men: -65 kg, -75kg, -80 kg, +80 kg

Adults - women: -65 kg, +65 kg

Adults - men: -70 kg, -75kg, -80 kg, -85 kg, -90 kg, +90 kg

Changes in weight categories

The organizer can change the weight categories according to the number of registrated competitors in the category (usually by joining more weight categories together if there are less than 3 competitors in one of them).

Registration fee

BJJ - 15 EUR, grappling - 15 EUR, BJJ + grappling - 25 EUR

Payment on site at the weigh-ins.


  • Medals for first 3 places.
  • BJJ (GI) – A gi from the sponsor Pitbull west coast for the quickest submission of the day.
  • Grappling (NO-GI) – Shorts and rash guard for the quickest submission of the day.
  • 50 EUR for the best fighter of the tournament – decided by Nick Brooks (2nd degree Black belt under Roger Gracie).


Entry for spectators is for free.


Registration will be open from 10 October 2016 till midnight 3 November 2016 using the form on this page.

Fill out the registration form.