Where do we train

Starting 1st July, 2017we train at Hanuman Gym (Dom kultúry Ovsište, Ovsištské námestie 1, Bratislava).

What you need for training

  • GI (also known as kimono), in the beginning a simple judo gi will suffice, they are cheaper then those made specially for BJJ. The official trainings are always IN THE GI, unless stated otherwise. Your gi should always be clean (best washed after every training). If we traing without the GI, you should wear some short without pockets or anything your or the opponent's fingers could get stuck into and a tight fitting t-shirt or a rushguard.
  • You should strive to train hard, accept occasional losing and not try to forcefully prove something to yourself or others, as that would only lead to injuries.
  • You should be healthy. BJJ is a contact sport therefore spreading sickness to others is easy (especially those nasty skin infections). Hygiene is crucial before as well as after trainings.
  • You have to be there on the mat :) Don’t think twice, trying out is free. If you’re not sure whether you want to join in right away, at least come have a look. 

When do we train

Official training times:



08:00-09:30 mixed GI
16:00-17:00 kids 10 -14
17:00-18:00 kids 6-9
18:00-19:30 mixed GI


08:00-09:30 mixed GI
18:00-19:30 mixed GI


08:00-09:30 mixed sparrings GI
16:00-17:00 kids 10-14
17:00-17:45 kids 6-9
18:00-19:30 mixed sparrings GI


08:00-09:30 mixed NO-GI
16:00-17:00 kids 10-14
17:00-17:45 kids 6 -9
18:00-19:30 mixed NO-GI


08:00-09:30 mixed GI
18:00-19:30 mixed GI


10:00-11:30 mixed sparrings (GI + NO-GI)

We train in our gym at Dom kultúry Ovsište, Ovsištské námestie 1, Bratislava. If not specified otherwise, we train in GI (NO-GI = training without the GI).

 more about trainings

Trainings at other times are possible, after previous agreements, more information about that in person or by phone.