Pit Bull West Coast BJJ & Grappling Cup II - results

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Location of seminar with Roger Gracie

Seminar will be held at Academia Universum, Mlynské Nivy 34, Bratislava.

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Roger Gracie BJJ seminar in Bratislava on 2nd August 2014

We would like to invite you to a seminar with a 3rd degree black belt, 10-times IBJJF world champion and founder and head instructor of Roger Gracie Academy - Roger Gracie - who is one of the best BJJ fighters in the world. Seminar will take place in Bratislava (exact place will be specified later) on 2nd August 2014 and will start at 1pm and end at 4pm. Don't hesitate and register as the capacity is limited. The price is 35 EUR (25 EUR for members of BJJ Slovakia).

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Change in evening all categories class schedule

Due the summer heat we rescheduled the all categories class to start at 19:30.

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Changes in training schedule starting April 4th

Starting 4th April 2013 there will be a change in the schedule of trainings in the evening. The MMA/competition/condition training from 18:00 till 19:00 is cancelled and the normal training will start at 18:00 and end at 19:30. Those with some energy still left can stay at the gym for sparring, condition training, etc. Also, all the evening trainings are for both begginers and advanced students. You can find the schedule in the right column on the home page or in the sections Trainings.

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Changes in training schedule

Starting February 11th we have some changes in the training schedule. You can see the new schedule in the right part of the homepage or in the section Trainings.

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Temporary training schedule change from December 18th till January 1st

There will be slight change in the training schedule starting today (December 18th) till January 1st. The trainings in the evening will be for all categories from 18:00 to 19:30. So on Monday, Wednesday and Friday there will be training in GI from 18:00 to 19:30 and on Tuesday and Thursday there will be No-Gi training from 18:00 to 19:30.

Also on December 24th, 25th, 26th, 31th and January 1st there won't be any normal training only sparring session at 11:00.

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New training schedule

Starting 8th October there are some changes in our training schedule. The morning trainigs start at 9:00 for all belts. The evening trainings will be diveded into two groups - white belts and advenced group (blue and other belts). Also we now have official NO-GI trainings at Tuesday and Thursday (at 9:00 and 19:00). Our BJJ Slovakia team (competiton team) has trainings at Tuesday and Thursday. 

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New website

New gym is already running smoothly, so it was right time for a new website of our club. Hope you'll like it :)

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Ľubomír Repaský is a black belt under Nick Brooks (1st degree black belt) and Roger Gracie (3rd degree black belt).



08:00-09:30 mixed GI
17:00-17:45 kids 6-9
17:00-18:00 kids 10-14
18:00-19:00 advanced GI
19:00-20:00 beginner GI


08:00-09:30 mixed GI
18:00-19:30 mixed GI


08:00-09:30 mixed sparrings GI
17:00-17:45 kids 6-9
17:00-18:00 kids 10-14
18:00-19:30 mixed sparrings GI


08:00-09:30 mixed NO-GI
18:00-19:30 mixed NO-GI


08:00-09:30 mixed sparrings NO-GI
17:00-17:45 kids 6-9
17:00-18:00 kids 10-14
18:00-19:30 mixed sparrings NO-GI


10:00-11:30 mixed sparrings (GI + NO-GI)

We train in our gym at Dom kultúry Ovsište, Ovsištské námestie 1, Bratislava. If not specified otherwise, we train in GI (NO-GI = training without the GI).

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+421 917 351 244 (Ľubomír Repaský)