Pit Bull West Coast BJJ & Grappling Cup 2015

Date and schedule

Tournament will take place on March 29 2015. Weight-ins will be at 9:00 AM, at 9:45 AM the rules will be explained and we should start the competition at 10:00.


Gym ZK Dunajplavba, Horárska 12/B, Bratislava.

Age divisions

Juniors - the competitor must be less than 18 years old on the day of the competition.

Adults - 18 and more years on the day of the competition.

BJJ and belts

In BJJ the adults with white, blue and purple belts can start. All the belts compete in separate divisions.

For juniors all the belts compete in the same division.

Grappling level

Adults grappling will be separated into 2 divisions according to the level of the grappler. One will be beginners (max. 2 years of training) and advanced (more than 2 years of training).

Weight divisions

Weight divisions are according to IBJJF NO-GI rules, that means it doesn't matter if the competitor competes in BJJ or grappling, in both cases the weight-in is without the GI.

Weight divisions are following:

Juniors - female: -46,5 kg, -51,5 kg, -56,5 kg, -61,5 kg, -66,5 kg, +66,5 kg

Juniors - male: -51,5 kg, -56,5, kg, -61,5 kg, -66,5 kg, -71,5 kg, -76,5 kg, -81,5 kg, -86,5 kg, +86,5 kg

Adults - female: -51,5 kg, -56,5, kg, -61,5 kg, -66,5 kg, -71,5 kg, +71,5 kg

Adults - male: -55,5 kg, -61,5 kg, -67,5 kg, -73,5 kg, -79,5 kg, -85,5 kg, -91,5 kg, -97,5 kg, +97,5 kg

Open Weight

Adults in BJJ and grappling can compete in Open Weight category. In BJJ the Open Weight category is separate for white, blue and purple belts.

Possible changes in weight divisions

In case there is less than 3 fighters in a division, it is possible that those fighters will moved to adjecent divison.

Competiton fee

Juniors: BJJ - 10 EUR, grappling - 10 EUR, BJJ + grappling - 15 EUR

Adults: BJJ - 20 EUR, grappling - 20 EUR, BJJ + grappling - 30 EUR

Payment will be collected on site during the weight-in.


For BJJ the IBJJF rules for the given level of the competitors will be used. In grappling IBJJF NO-GI rules for brown belts will be used.


Entry for spectators is for free.


On-line registration will be open till midnight March 27 using the registration form on this page.